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August 14, 2012

Super Man, Super Jam

If you haven’t already heard of what I’m about to tell you, you better read extra carefully and get both informed and inspired. It’s with great pleasure that I praise this young man who has created an amazingly delicious product line by sharing his Grandmother’s secret jam recipe with the rest of the world.

I have to hand it to him. Which14-year-old boy gets excited over making jam with his granny? I honestly can’t think of many. Anything unrelated to either sex or alcohol or other similar/related activities will probably not even make them get out of bed… Fraser Doherty, however, the super man of this story, seems to have been rather different and special. And boy am I glad about that! Again this morning, as I drank my tea and ate my yoghurt with toasted seeds and oat flakes, I popped open the little glass jar of Super Jam to add a yummy touch to my otherwise routine breakfast. I can only smile and think that FINALLY someone has got it!

What is so special about Super Jam? What made me so happy when discovering it? I’ll tell you. It’s completely sugar free, no sweeteners added – 100% pure fruit jam made out of “Super Fruits” (Super Fruits are fruits and berries that tend to have a high nutritional value and are high on anti-oxidants. Some common Super Fruits are blueberries and cranberries. Others are more exotic).

Let me break it down. Super Jam is the creation of a teenager from Edinburgh, Fraser Doherty, who after being taught by his granny to make jam according to a secret recipes at the age of fourteen, is now one of Britain’s most celebrated young CEOs. Pretty amazing isn’t it! Besides being among the luckiest 23 three-year-olds that I’ve stumbled upon in a while, he also gives lectures on his entrepreneurial adventures, writes a column and makes TV appearances. Fraser's most popular speech, as I’ve understood, is the one called "The Adventures of Jam Boy". It’s a speech revealing the good times and the not-so-good times of his journey from the comfort of his granny's kitchen to the much harsher and competitive real world.

I wonder when he actually has time to enjoy the wonderful jams himself?

Sure I was impressed by the man behind the jam and as a consequence I spent all morning Googling him to find out more. But above all, I’m thrilled to see how small producers, little by little, manage to break into the market with honest and pure products that prove a self-evident fact – there’s no need to add extra sugar when the raw material itself is already sweet by nature.

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